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It has always been a goal of mine to live in the country away from people – I meet and talk to people everyday in my office and the last thing I want to do is live in a neighborhood and talk to or see neighbors when I get home at night. I like to be around animals because I don’t have to communicate with them in the human way.

When I was a kid I used to spend time on my uncle’s farm. It was hard work but I enjoyed the time away from school and it was time to be with mother mature. I learned a little bit about cows but had no idea about the beef industry.

In the 1970’s, I got us into the horse business. Horses are amazing animals and owning them has lead to many special moments and memories. People who own horses should own cows just because they seem to go together. I suspect this idea came from watching westerns as a kid and dreaming of herding cows on the range with horses.

In the 1980’s, I got us into the cattle business and it was less than successful. I let a friend talk me into commercial red Brahman cows. I had no idea what I was doing other than breeding cows. Shortly after we got into this venture, the market fell apart and I sold the cows and got out of the business.

We moved to our present farm in 1998. I knew enough by 1999 that the beef and other meats sold in regular grocery stores were not fit for human consumption. My wife, Judy, and I discussed this and decided to    raise a few cows, mostly for our consumption, and some thought of selling a little meat to cover our costs.

After reading a lot I, decided to raise miniature Herefords. As you get older, you realize you don’t want to wrestle with big cows that don’t want to do what you want them to do. The mini Herefords were fine and their numbers began to increase. The meat was ok and certainly better than store bought meat.

I am always reading and I discovered a new breed of cows imported from Australia. I met a woman in deep East Texas who was breeding Lowline Angus and in short order we became friends. After visiting her farm, I became interested in the Lowlines.

It was about this time that gene testing became available and my friend and I did DNA tests on Lowlines and Mini Herefords. The tests were really revealing and it convinced me to change the course of our cattle. The Lowlines had multiple genes for tenderness and a gene for marbling while the Herefords had one gene for tenderness and none for marbling.

When we slaughtered the Herefords, the meat was healthy because they were raised as grass-fed, non-chemical cows; but they were tough to eat because of the lack of genes for tenderness and the lack of marbling made the meat less than desirable. The Lowlines on the other hand were tasty and tender.

It was at this time that I decided to make the change to Lowlines.

The meat industry in general and the beef industry in particular have not bred or processed cows for nutrition or taste since World War II. Their goal has been big animals that made the processing business more profitable for manufacturers; nutrition and taste went out the door.

I was raised that if you are going to do something, then you need to do it right, which includes integrity. We decided that we were going to change from Herefords to Lowline Angus and produce the best tasting, most tender and healthiest beef in the world. It has taken 7 to 8 years, but every cow that we own, sell or process is either fullblood Lowline or ½ or more Lowline Angus/Angus.

One of the reasons we started raising our own beef was because beef from the regular grocery stores is so unhealthy. We have been lied to by the medical community and what some people call the diet dictocrats. They tell us that red meat is unhealthy but you have to look at the history of health in the USA.

In 1900, there were very few heart attacks, cancer was 3 percent of the deaths and type II diabetes had not been discovered. People ate large amounts of saturated fats with no bad health consequences and they only ate six pounds of sugar per year. It is true that people died at an earlier age; they worked hard and exercised because they had to get to work (mostly walked), but their food was not compromised. The food at that time was local in season without chemicals. It was also preserved at home without toxic chemicals being added to the canning process.

Medicine takes credit for helping people live longer but this is simply not true. Medicine has stood on the sidelines watching disease mushroom in the last 100 plus years and have reaped billions of dollars in income while people get sicker and sicker. All one has to do is look at organizations like the American Heart Association, American Cancer Association,  Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation and the American Diabetic Association. If you follow the advice of these organizations, the various diseases they represent will get worse. Also, the people at the top of these organizations live lavish lives while being way overpaid.

What is the problem and what is the solution?

I have discovered that the food is the problem. Red meat is not unhealthy if it is healthy. Beef is a health food if it is grass-fed and non-chemical. Chicken from grocery stores is not healthy as doctors and diet dictocrats shout from the air waves and the other “white meat” is certainly not healthy.

The problem today is CAFO’s – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. These “modern” food manufacturers are only interested in producing something that looks like food in the cheapest way possible; if it kills people along the way, they don’t care, as long as you don’t die in the first few months after consuming these unnatural products. They and the government do not want any traceability to the cause of early termination of you or your families.

What is wrong with CAFO’s? I suggest you read a book called “Steak”. In the first chapter, the author explains the beef feedlot business in West Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and other states. He tells about the six or so hormones that are injected into the ears of the cows to make them bulk up (like weight lifters). They are fed massive amounts of antibiotics to keep disease down while they stand around in their own excrement. They are fed GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms (also GM – Genetically Engineered) corn to make them gain weight. They are force fed this ration until they develop abscesses in the livers and are close to death. They live and eat this way until they are slaughtered. The massive amounts of corn (an unnatural food for cows) create a super E-coli bacteria that can kill or make people deathly sick. The E-coli is on the outside of the cow (they poop on each other) and in the intestine where it can escape onto the meat and later ground up into hamburger. (This why you need to over-cook store bought hamburger just to make sure you or your family don’t get sick or die).

Cows naturally produce beneficial fatty acids like Omega III’s, CLA’s and others. These fatty acids are very healthy for people as they are heart and brain healthy. As soon as you feed grain to cows, you reduce or destroy the beneficial fatty acids. This is why feeding grass or hay is the best way to care for your cows. If you are not raising cows, be sure you only buy grass-fed meat.

When we promise non-chemical beef, this means that we do not use vaccines, antibiotics or chemical wormers. Good health with people and animals involves a strong immune system created with healthy foods. Chemicals are almost never needed and if, for some reason, we have to use an antibiotic on one of our cows, they will be sold to the sale barn so that someone else gets the residual chemicals – not Judy or me or you, our valuable customers, are going to get unhealthy food from this ranch.

Our next endeavor is raising chickens. It may surprise you that the main purpose of our chickens is for the chicken manure first and the eggs second. We need fertilizer, but at the same time, we need chickens to eat weeds, grass and bugs and to spread cow manure around and into the soil. Chickens are perfect for these tasks. Our chicken “coop” is being made and it is out of heavy steel and will be 10 foot by 20 foot. We will be able to pull it with the tractor or 4 wheel drive truck every 2 days or so. We both work almost every day, so with this “chicken tractor”, we will not have to worry about varmints killing the chickens when we are away from the ranch.

A second benefit from the chickens is that we will have a source of meat when they stop laying eggs.

Grain is a must to get protein for chickens but I have found a source of non -GMO chicken feed. We will not compromise on the health of our chickens or the quality of the eggs for our customers.

Food should be raised by people who love their animals and the land. Food should also be prepared by people who love themselves and their families. Nutrition goes up if there is love and caring in the land, animals, plants and processing. There is no room for toxic chemicals and bad attitudes in the food process. How much love is there in a processing plant with people not getting along with each other or having fought with their spouse or kids before work or the boss just got yelled at because they are not making enough money and they have to lower costs.

Health is all about “Healthy soil = Healthy Animals and Plants = Healthy People”.

Good taste and good health in meat is all about the food and the breed of cows. Lowline and Lowline-cross beef is the best when raised without grains and toxic chemicals.






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